A Companion to Plant Physiology, Fifth Edition by Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger
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Study Questions

1. What is an absorption spectrum? What is the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll? What is the relation between the electromagnetic spectrum of solar radiation and the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll?

2. What is an action spectrum? What is the relationship between the action spectrum for photosynthesis and the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll?

3. Photosynthesis in oxygen-evolving organisms is said to involve two distinct photosystems. Describe the two photosystems and provide two lines of experimental evidence that led to their discovery.

4. What is the role of electron transport in oxygen-evolving photosynthesis? Name the final electron donor and final electron acceptor in photosynthesis. Describe the path traveled by an electron in the electron transport process.

5. How are the major pigments and proteins involved in photosynthesis organized in the thylakoid membrane?

6. Describe the process of ATP synthesis at the thylakoid membrane. Name the reactants, the energy source and the role of light in the process. Can ATP synthesis take place in thylakoid membranes kept in the dark? Explain your answer.

HOME :: CHAPTER 7 :: Study Questions